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    When you think New Orleans Music for your event - We've got all the greats!

    Michael "The Sheik" O'Hara

    Michael "The Sheik" O'Hara

    New CD release coming soon! "It's My Turn"

    Four time Grammy nominee, Michael O'Hara says that this new CD, It's My Turn, means "everything to him" and describes his new CD as "Old New School." John Autin, his producer, says "Michael is always a blast to listen to, but his first CD "It's My Turn" is just so great! It's a retro throwback to 80's rock but sounds fresh, new and exciting." At 63, Michael's been writing songs for many other artists, but now after decades of performing, he's ready to "sing his own songs"! He feels that God is using him more now than at any other time to get this music out in the world. The CD has a mix of funk rock and beautiful ballads, something for everyone.


    Michael has worked with many of the greats, including legendary New Orleans musician, Allen Toussaint and too many more to list here.


    He's based in New Orleans and is recording at Rabadash Studios. His new CD is now available for Pre-Release Sales, click the button!

    Big Daddy O - Roadhouse Blues

    Big Daddy O

    Lousiana/Mississippi Roadhouse Blues

    At 6’ 6, Big Daddy 'O' is an engaging presence on Stage. His large frame supports an even larger voice that pulsates from a powerful shout down to a beautiful whisper. For more than thirty years Big Daddy ‘O’ has been playing in roadhouses and bars in the delta area near the Louisiana/Mississippi border. Rabadash Records "discovered" Big Daddy 'O' playing at Betty’s Bar in Amite, Louisiana in 2000. Now nearly a decade and 3 critically acclaimed CD’s later, Big Daddy ‘O’ is reaching a national audience. His approach to performing songs makes each song sound like his own, and everyone who has the pleasure of hearing him loves his big beautiful voice and good-natured presentation. He performs as a solo with his acoustic guitar custom made for him by guitar Luthier, Scott Quiroz in San Diego, or with a full hard hitting Blues Band demonstrating his considerable blues chops on his 1969 Les Paul Deluxe.


    Listen to an video clip here.

    Brian Mullin is DJ-NYC

    Cha Wa

    Funk and Feathers!

    After honing their explosive sound in clubs and festivals around the Crescent City, the Mardi Gras Indian funk band Cha Wa is releasing their debut album. The recording, aptly named Funk 'n' Feathers, is their red-hot combination of two of New Orleans’ best traditions, Mardi Gras Indians and street level funk music. Funk 'n' Feathers combines deep funk, percussive polyrhythms, and a mix of singing and Mardi Gras Indian chanting. All of these elements fuse into an intoxicating, hypnotic blend of culture that could only come out of the Crescent City.


    “The music is based on the Mardi Gras Indians, the brass bands, and the street culture of New Orleans,” says bandleader/drummer Joe Gelini. “Cha Wa” is a slang phrase used by every Mardi Gras Indian tribe. It means “We’re comin’ for ya” - and this band is definitely comin’for ya!


    Cha Wa takes you straight to the street corners of New Orleans, instilling the energy of seeing the Indians dancing in their traditional feathered suits, but it also embraces a production style which is cutting-edge. Another classic, “Jock-A-Mo” is also made over by infusing it with the band’s upbeat brand of funk and the fresh production approach. The deep New Orleans roots of the song are also made clear on this version by the appearances of Dave ll Crawford, the grandson of the song’s writer, and Irving Banister Sr., the man who played guitar on the original version in 1953.

    new orleans dueling pianos

    Dueling Pianos - The Piano Maniacs

    The best in the biz!

    Piano Maniacs Dueling Pianos is a high energy show in the style of the dueling pianos at world famous Pat O'Briens in the French Quarter, and utilizes the same pianists featured at this and other famous piano spots on Bourbon Street. The show can be completely tailored to you, featuring songs in whatever musical style and from whatever era you prefer -- from Ragtime to Prince to Elton John, and from Adele to Sinatra. Our pianists can serve a double function at an event by playing background music as the event begins and then ramping up to a higher energy show when desired. The show is as interactive as the guests want it to be; we can take requests, or not, and can add in calling guests up to the stage for awards (or just for fun) or not. It's completely customizable to your group and a classic New Orleans experience!

    Zeppelins Made to Order Tom McDermott and Chloe Feoranzo

    Tom McDermott and Chloe Feoranzo

    Premiere Piano Player and Composer and high energy Clarinetist

    Tom McDermott is one of New Orleans’ premiere piano players and composers. He grew up in St. Louis, where he earned a Masters’ Degree in Music and soaked up the sounds of ragtime and traditional jazz that flourished there in the 1960s and 70s. In 1984, spurred by his love of James Booker, Professor Longhair and Dr. John, he moved to New Orleans, a trip enabled by a gig at the World’s Fair.


    Tom has been quite busy the last 30 years. He was a Duke of Dixieland, which took him to Europe, Asia, South America and all over the States (including Carnegie Hall); he recorded several albums with the Dukes, including a tribute to Jelly Roll Morton with the fabled raconteur Danny Barker. He has recorded 15 albums as a leader and 75 original tunes. His music has been heard frequently on NPR on “All Things Considered”, “American Routes”, and “The Moth.”


    He now adds his considerable talent in a new album, called Zeppelins Made to Order, co-created with the gifted Saxophone & clarinetist, Chloe Feoranzo, a New Orleans-based clarinetist who has built a varied career in jazz, big band and commercial genres. She is now on tour with Scott Bradlee’s sensational group Postmodern Jukebox, which reimagines current pop music hits in vintage styles. Feoranzo has also toured the world with her clarinet and has performed on the Late Show with David Letterman and at the Grand Ole Opry. Her path to success is as interesting as her stories from the road. Listen to this interview that’s not to be missed. You gotta hear her on the new album with Tom.

    Listen to some tracks and purchase here!

    John Autin the original New Orleans Piano Man

    John Autin

    The Original New Orleans Piano Man

    Born in Music City, New Orleans, LA. John Autin loved music from an early age, taking piano lessons and playing trumpet throughout his childhood, and has a Masters Degree in Jazz from New Orleans Univ.


    By age 12, John put his 1st band together and has never left the stage since. Entertaining folks from behind the Grand Piano Solo, singing, or playing with his many different ensembles, John has delighted audiences all over the world.


    John lights up the room with a bright smile and a fun show that spans across many styles, delighting audiences with music from Traditional New Orleans Jazz of the 20’s and 30’s right through Rock, Funk, and Popular music of today.


    John spends most of his nights performing at clubs, casinos, convention events, weddings, and private parties, spending days at his Record Company, Rabadash Records, playing behind and producing other great New Orleans artists. Owner and Operator of Rabadash.


    See Live gig Schedule here


    Listen to audio clip here.

    90 Degrees West

    7-piece high energy modern country band

    Somebody once said, "If you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life." 90 Degrees West is evidence of that. 90 Degrees West is a 7 piece, high-energy, modern country band based out of New Orleans Louisiana. 90 Degrees West covers such artists as Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride, George Strait, Carrie Underwood, and many more. 90 Degrees West also has a library of original music. 90 Degrees West has had the pleasure of playing some great venues, as well as some great talent(Billy Currington, Thompson Square, Big and Rich, and many more). 90 Degrees West's goal is for the audience not only to have a great time, but to feel as if they are watching each artist live. To achieve this, 90 Degrees West has brought together 7 talented Musicians, each one bringing many years of experience and knowledge to the stage. Get them for your next event! 

    new orleans brass band parade

    Authentic New Orleans Brass Band

    Only in New Orleans!!!!

    The Marching Brass Band, also known as the Second Line, is a fantastic experience. The tradition dates back to the late 1800's , Your entire party can hit the streets and have your own parade. Yes, it's unbelievable fun!

    Waylon T Thibodeaux

    Waylon "T" Thibodeaux

    Louisiana's Rockin Fiddler

    Born in Louisiana’s ‘Bayou Country’ just a few miles southwest of New Orleans, Houma native Waylon Thibodeaux has been dubbed “Louisiana’s Rockin Fiddler”. Today, this talented, self-taught Cajun musician has gained a notable reputation as one of Louisiana’s best known recording artists. His talents have led him to play festivals, clubs and other special events throughout the world.


    His unique musical style is best described by Thibodeaux himself: “It’s a mixture –it’s Cajun, but not too traditional, it’s Zydeco with a pinch of New Orleans’ sound, a small pinch of South Louisiana “Swamp Pop”, a taste of Country and a little Rock n’ Roll that’s sure to get you on your feet and dancing.”

    Listen to an audio clip here!

    FAST - John Autin, Dave Ferrato, Mike Sipos Trio


    New Orleans born & bred rockers, get your event rockin'

    The Ferrato, Autin, Sipos Trio are local music legends who have teamed up to put together a great combination of New Orleans Rock N Roll and familiar hits from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and a few hits of today and later decades. Depending on your budget they can be the perfect New Orleans band for your event playing either as a trio, or adding sax, female vocalist, or horn section for up to a 7 piece band.

    Book the band here!

    Dave Ferrato and Tchoupazine

    New Orleans Club rock & blues favorite

    Dave Ferrato is a musician's musician who has been buried deep in the New Orleans club scene for the last 30 years. The guitarist/songwriter has developed a keen eye for the underside of the Crescent City and is able to share this world through simple and elegant tunes on his album, "Later, On Decatur". Several standout tunes include the "Tchoupazine Triangle," an area many residents and lovers of New Orleans will recognize as a location in the Uptown section of the city between Magazine and Tchoupitoulas Streets, known for its college bars and small music clubs. The title number, "Later, On Decatur," is a beautifully orchestrated tune about the late night after-hours scene on the street nearest to the Mississippi River. A slow bass line, electric guitar, violins, organ and a seductive trombone solo by Mullins all add to the sultry feel of this tune. Anyone who has had the energy and desire to stay up all night in the after-hours clubs and watch the sun come up in the French Quarter, as Ferrato and the musicians who play this song from the heart obviously have, will understand the beauty of this tune. Dave Ferrato and his Tchoupazine band is New Orleans gold.

    Wally B Piano Gumbo

    Wally B

    Piano Gumbo

    Wally B. is the A to Z of piano stylists and has been playing piano since age ten. Although classically trained, Wally began his musical career playing Boogie Woogie, Blues and Ragtime in clubs on Bourbon Street.

    Wally B.’s electrifying energy at the keys and range of music styles-which include Standards, Blues, Classical, Pop, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime, and Rock & Roll make him a real crowd pleaser no matter where he plays.


    He begins each show performing magic with audience participation which really gets the crowd engaged all over the world. From Vegas to Calgary to Tahiti and the Mediterranean, Wally B's been rockin' New Orleans music everywhere!


    Listen to an audio clip here.

    Brian Mullin is DJ-NYC


    Music is the soundtrack of LIFE!

    Brian Mullin is DJ-NYC and has recently relocated to The Big Easy, New Orleans. He's been spinning records for over 30 years in many cities, and with that much time put in you can be rest assured he knows what it takes to make sure each and every event is a musical and entertaining success. Finding the right balance is the key to every event. He creates the atmosphere that you desire for your celebration with the right mixture of energy, music, fun and experience. Balance the volume to please the young and old alike. Balance the amount of interaction for your crowds’ participation. Together with the facility, photographer, videographer and all the other Rabadash party services, DJ-NYC will mix the perfect balance for your celebration!

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